Power Swing Golf Simulator

Power Swing is a camera based tracking technology that offers the most comprehensive and reliable data collection technology in the golf simulator market. With (6) cameras, Power Swing is the top in the field and is perfect for Residential or Commercial Use.

Camera Technology Camera Technology

With cameras that operate at speeds of 9,600 frames per second, you can gather a lot of data. All Tracking Technology is up and overhead and out of the way. No accidental contact to disrupt calibration or alignment. That means less maintenance cost and you can see more than what appears to be an event, you have evidence.

No Residual Motion Analysis System

There is no residual motion analysis system, using 120 FPS high-speed camera to shoot the swing posture, you can completely record the various dynamics of the upper, lower and closing. You can set various playback speeds to play back or freeze, and use the drawing analysis tools (line, square, circle and angle) to clearly understand the various details of the swing posture, including the condition of the head movement, the amplitude of the body measurement, and the stroke. The angle of the arm and the club when the ball is in the ball.

What is No Residual Image?

In order to clearly capture the details of the swing dynamics, high-speed industrial cameras can be used to set various camera parameters such as shutter speed, image gain value, and shooting speed (up to 120 frames per second). The swing speed can be as high as 120 mph, and the shutter speed needs to be set to 1 millisecond to capture the clear frame of the body, arms, wrists and clubs when hitting the ball, which is something that non-universal cameras can do.

Why is it Black and White?

The slow-motion analysis is mainly to shoot the swing dynamics to analyze the movements. Therefore, the focus of the shooting is to make clear that there is no residual image. Generally, high-speed industrial cameras have black and white and color versions, and in order to achieve the effect of no image sticking, the camera shutter speed is very fast. Under the premise, the black and white camera can clearly capture the contours and features of the body. The use of a color camera requires additional glare to highlight the difference in color. The reinforced light will affect the detection system, and the second will affect the attacker’s eyes, so the black and white camera is the best choice for the anti-image slow motion system.

Power Swing

Power Swing

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