HD Golf Simulator

HD Golf provides incredible realism, accuracy and ease-of-use create an indoor golf experience with no comparison. Play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews or dozens of other REAL Championship Courses. Whether you want a golf simulator for your home, business, hotel, or recreation center, this top golf experience guarantees all-ages fun and excitement.

Simulator Technology

At their core, HD Golf is an engineering and software firm. The entire simulator, subsystems, ball/player tracking technology, software and infrastructure are designed, built, and packaged by the HD team.

Measurements Measurements

HD measures ALL critical input & ball parameters to analyze each shot a player makes on the simulator. There are, at minimum, 4 cameras capturing their swing. The data includes spin analysis, club head speed, launch angle, swing path, object contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed), efficiency and smash factor.

Comprehensive measurements are critical, but the accuracy of these measurements is equally important. HD Golf Simulators measure with supreme accuracy. For example, club face angle contact is measured within 1/10th of 1 degree.
Ball Tracking Ball Tracking

HD pioneered the use of Computer Vision Technology in the golf simulator industry. Their patented smart-cameras take more measurements, more accurately than any other simulator company. In real-time and throughout ball flight, their software converts these measurements into visually realistic shot outcomes that keep players coming back.
Golf Ball Spin

HD's dedicated and integrated spin camera is an industry first. Mounted above the player and accurate to +/-100rpm, it provides accurate & realistic ball flight, bounce & roll-allowing you to put subtle or aggressive spin ensuring accurate & realistic competition.
GOlf Ball Spin

HD Golf™ Professional Golf Instruction Studio

Take golf instruction to the next level with one fully integrated and modular system.