Full Swing Golf Simulator

All Full Swing simulators feature two advanced tracking technologies that work together to produce the most realistic ball tracking data in the industry.

Full Swing Software

Full Swing Golf Software is now introducing the most realistic golf simulator software in the world. Explore the most iconic courses with the most innovative software in golf simulation. As the Official Licensee of The PGA TOUR and TPC Network of Courses, Full Swing is the only one who can bring you TPC Sawgrass and many of your other favorite TOUR stops.

E6Golf Software

E6Golf Software

E6Golf offers more than 90 courses, including 30 of Golf Digest’s and Golfweek’s “Greatest Courses,” as well as other spectacular courses located around the globe. Each offers beauty and unique challenges that will inspire golfers at any level.

High Speed Cameras + Infrared Lightwaves

Infrared 360 Ball Flight Tracking

Infrared 360 Ball Flight Tracking

As your ball crosses the two infrared light wave or line scan tracks, we measure your ball speed, launch angle, and direction at the speed of light.

ION3 Camera - Overhead Tracking

ION3 Camera - Overhead Tracking

Utilizing high-speed camera technology, the Ion3 captures the club and ball at impact, providing HD playback of your club head and delivering the most reliable ball flight and data feedback every time.

The ION3 high-speed camera system provides HD playback of your club head and provides unparalleled analysis and accuracy.

Linescan Cameras - Inflight Tracking

Linescan Cameras - Inflight Tracking

The only camera based simulator on the market to offer in-flight measurement. As your ball is hit toward the screen, it passes our four high-speed linescan cameras, measuring your ball speed, launch angle and direction in real-time.

Dual Tracking Benefits


The Widest Hitting Area & Auto Detect

The Ion3 overhead camera automatically detects your ball when it’s dropped in the hitting area.


Instant Transition & Real Ball Flight

Ultra-high-speed club and ball flight tracking technologies ensure there is zero delay on screen.


Unmatched Accuracy & Experience

Capturing both clubhead and ball flight data provides the most realistic ball flight on the market.